Auto Insurance

auto insuranceWe understand that it is no fun shopping for auto insurance.  Often once you have coverage you ignore it.  That could be costing you money.

Many of our customers believe that the lower their deductible the better. Generally, when someone decides on a deductible amount they never look at changing it. According to the Insurance Information Institute increasing the amount you pay for minor incidents is the best place to look when trying to lower your annual out-of-pocket expenses.

Another consideration is the number of miles you put on your car annually.  Under 7,500 is considered a pleasure vehicle and over 13,000 is normally considered a higher risk.  If you have an opportunity to reduce your mileage by maybe car pooling that can help cut your costs.

Combining your home owners and auto insurance with the same company will typically provide you with a discount on one or both policies.

Of course being a safe driver will benefit you as well as a good credit score.  Ask your carrier about other possibly discounts you may qualify for.

If you live in the Cincinnati area let us assist you in finding all the auto insurance discounts you may be eligible for.